Filantropía Comunitaría
Filantropía Comunitaría

The community
foundation’s role

Filantropía Comunitaría

Agent of change

Our values

At the community foundation Amigos de San Cristóbal A.C., we’re committed to the values of: co-responsibility, dignity, transparency, equity and innovation, throughout the entire implementation of the Community Philanthropy program.


We shift paradigms and change power relationships through reciprocity, valuing the wide range of ways to participate and contribute with all kinds of resources, which are mobilized and invested in the region in collaboration with local grantees.


We respect the diversity and strength of every person to self-identify according to their own situations and discretion, fostering opportunities to position themselves as change agents starting from their own points of view, abilities and desire to bring about social change.


We establish transparent and trustworthy means of handling resources and doing community investment, implementing necessary adjustments and changes along the way, to ensure the best impact of our goals.


We transform unjust conditions into opportunities, starting by raising awareness and continually reflecting on complex issues, which transform into individual and collective actions committed to advancing equity.


We put new approaches into practice to foster a culture of local community philanthropy by means of community learning and mindful responsibility in a model that isn’t welfare-based, but rather that promotes social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

Since 2020, we’ve been advancing three strategies through the Community Philanthropy Program: